Is there an example of how this reward program works?

Yes, we have made a brief video to explain our Delicious rewards program available at This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q locations. In this video, we provide an example starting with an account that has spent, over time, $326. If you have spent $326 you will receive 3 BOGO rewards and have a reward […]

Are there any limits on the BOGO reward program?

For every 100 points, you will earn 1 BOGO redeemable reward. You are able to redeem your reward with every 1 transaction per day of service. Rewards are available at all participating locations. See your favorite This Is It! Southern Kitchen store location for details.

Does the rewards program provide points for online orders?

Yes, orders placed on a This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q hosted ordering portal supports this program. From our online store, you will receive 1 point for each dollar spent. Online strictly refers to orders placed directly on platforms owned and operated by This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q. The rewards program, at […]

Does my previous rewards account still work?

We were able to migrate the majority of the information from our previous This Is It! rewards program. Existing This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q account holders, effective March 16, 2022, must perform a one-time password reset from the account login portal. You will need your email address, as established with your previous account, […]

Does this new program offer a Free Drink and Dessert?

This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q has added a number of new features to support this new program including Mobile Apps. At this time the free drink and dessert are no longer part of the reward levels. Our BOGO Rewards, for every 100 points achieved, is the updated reward benefit.

What does BOGO stand for?

Our Delicious BOGO Reward is a Buy One This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q Dinner and Get One This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q Dinner Free reward, at participating locations. This reward is redeemable for every 100 points earned.

How do I find my account balance?

Account balances can be found online at one of two This Is It! Southern Kitchen and Bar-B-Q portals. Use the “Check Balance” membership tool on your App or on our website Rewards page Rewards to find your balance. In-store our cashiers have the ability to look up account reward levels only as balances are not […]