Rewards FAQ Update 2023



All New Delicious Rewards!

This Is It! Southern Kitchen & BAR-B-Q has a new and improved rewards program. All new exciting opportunities await to help you savor more delicious meals! Learn more about the changes to the program through this FAQ. We've got all the details you need to make the most of the rewards program and make your This Is It! Southern Kitchen & BAR-B-Q experience even more mouth-watering. Get ready to take advantage of all the new delicious opportunities and make sure to take advantage of the rewards program - This Is It!

Effective March 9, 2023

Q1: How will rewards change?

A1: The rewards will change from 1 BOGO reward achieved at 100 points to 1 $20 Value Reward achieved at 250 points.


Q2: When do the new $20 Value Rewards expire?

A2: Previous BOGO Rewards did not expire.  The new $20 Value Reward will expire 120 days after it is issued.


Q3: What happens to current BOGO Rewards?

A3: Current Customer BOGO Rewards in their account will be converted to $20 Value Rewards on 3/9/23.  The converted rewards will expire 120 days after conversion.  Customer points will not change.  If they have 50 points on the day of conversion, they will have 50 points after conversion.


Q4: How many $20 Value Rewards will be received by a customer if they have BOGO Rewards their account?

A4: A customer will receive the same number of $20 Value Rewards as they have BOGO Rewards in their account.  For example, if a customer has 5 BOGO Rewards in their account, they will receive 5 $20 Value Rewards.


Q5: What is the minimum purchase for the $20 Value Reward?

A5: There must be a purchase of at least $25 for the $20 Value Reward to be used.  The $20 will not be applied to sales tax; it is for food/drink only.

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