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Meet The Anthonys

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Home-style Cooking Since 1976

Company History

The Anthonys have a rich family history within the restaurant industry, which spans over 60 years.

The dream began in Tampa, Florida in 1951 where Shelley “Butch” Anthony’s parents (Shelley II and Lillian Anthony) opened their first restaurant, and he received his first taste of the entrepreneurial experience. His parents’ restaurant is where he learned to cook and realized that it was possible for him to be in business for himself.

In 1971, Butch relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, and opened his first southern barbecue restaurant, Butch’s Slide Inn in 1976. He met the woman who would become his bride – his queen – Barbara (Diane) in 1981. Together, they founded This Is It! Seafood in 1983. Heralded as local pioneers of southern home-style cuisine, our corporate focus is to promote quality food and family pride. With over 40 years in the restaurant industry, Butch’s This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q restaurants are recognized for exceptional hospitality while serving the best, most authentic, health-conscious home-style cooking. Our many prestigious awards attest to the comprehensive superiority of their establishments.

Today, with 9 locations, one open franchise, and one franchise that is being built in the greater metro Atlanta area, This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q aims to show God’s goodness by serving the community, employees, customers, and partners with love, humility, and kindness.

This Is It! Southern Kitchen & Bar-B-Q stands as a shining example of a true American success story while giving all the credit to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Wall - Timeline - Our Company Journey

Shelley "Butch" Anthony III

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Shelley Anthony III is the founder of one of Atlanta’s most emerging restaurant chains. This Is It! BBQ & Seafood is dedicated to southern culinary excellence. The progressive success of This Is It! epitomizes its name. With delicious, home-style recipes, Mr. Anthony has set a new standard for family and business dining. This Is It! has set and surpassed the mark and continues to forge forward toward greater heights in expanded markets across the country and internationally. Mr. Anthony’s personal history parallels his entrepreneurial achievements. Growing up in Tampa, Florida, he helped his parents operate their family-owned restaurant. After working in the corporate sector for a few years, with enhanced business acumen, Mr. Anthony returned to his passion in the food service industry.


God Has a Plan for the Underdog

by Shelley Anthony III (Author)
In this detailed memoir, Shelley "Butch" Anthony III provides an awe-inspiring example that God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. As a young father with limited education and sparse financial resources, he eloquently shares how he successfully fanned the flames of a fire initially started by his parents in Tampa, Florida, and subsequently blazed a path for many to follow. With unfailing persistence, the end result of Mr. Anthony's labor is a multi-million dollar empire that has gained national acclaim as one of the best of its kind. Readers will undoubtedly be inspired by all that has been accomplished by one who could have easily been labeled "The Underdog." Indeed, God does have a plan for the underdog, and this book is living proof.

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Telley Anthony

Vice President & Director of Operations

Born into the This Is It! legacy, Telley Anthony started working in the family restaurant at age fourteen. As the successor-apparent to his father, Shelly Anthony, Telley has worked every aspect of the business. His “Pop” provides him with a firm foundation for entrepreneurial excellence and achievement. This inspiration has led him to go from being a dishwasher to serving in executive management. Mr. T. Anthony serves as the bridge to bring This Is It! to its 21st century landmarks of success.

Nina Anthony

Corporate Trainer

Nina Anthony:
Nina Anthony, born in Atlanta Ga in 1983, is the third to the eldest of six children, Nina began working for the business when she was only 15. Moving up the progression ladder she started out just supporting various locations with cutting cakes. She then graduated to cashier, then to team lead, then to corporate trainer. Her passion for pleasing the patrons continues to drive her into a deeper love.

Tina Denise Anthony

Chief Operating Officer

Tina Denise Anthony is the Chief Operating Officer tasked with implementing the daily operations and employee productivity for the company. Tina is also charged with developing effective recruiting methods, performance measures, and enforcing compliance. Prior to this role, she has held numerous positions within the organization. Tina has been a cake cutter, a dishwasher and virtually every position in between.

Shelley "Butch" Anthony IV

Jr. Vice President

My name is Shelley “Butch” Anthony IV; I am the 5th of the Anthony children. I currently hold the position as Jr. Vice President. As a child I’ve always had a dream to one day play NFL, but God had a different plan for my life. Working as a young child in the restaurant, it has always been second nature for me. In my journey, I started working in the lobby of the restaurant, opening up doors for guest and greeting them. Soon, before I knew it, I was waiting tables and eventually worked my way up to the kitchen, as I learned how to cook our menu.