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Our Company

This Is It! BBQ and Seafood has a rich legacy that spans over 50 years.  The dream started in Tampa, FL where Butch's parents Owned a diner, and Butch played an active role working in the diner.  Butch picked up both his entreprenurial spirit and his ability to cook during this time.
Over 30 years ago, when Butch relocated to the Atlanta, GA area, he opened his first restaurant.  This restaurant, combined with several other locations he opened became This Is It! BBQ and Seafood.  Now with 9 locations in the greater Atlanta area, This Is It! BBQ and Seafood stands as a shining example of a true American success story, while giving all the credit to our Lord and Savior.

Our CEO - Shelly "Butch" Anthony

Butch frequently delivers seminars to uplift and encourage others to go after their dreams, while always giving credit to our Lord and Savior.

Our Wall/Timeline

Take a look at our rich history and milestones by reviewing our Wall/Timeline.  This display is in place at our larger stores.  It gives everyone a chance to review the company history and milestones in a simple graphical format.
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